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Yellowstone Vic answer up!


D. R. Greysun:
I was just checkin' ma check book an' it been 90+ days since I mailed Yellowstone Vic ma check for the PRS 45 Lee Mold. I ain't heard squat in so long I dang near fergot about it. How 'bout it Vic ya gotta headsup for us investers?

Cuts Crooked:
You prolly alreddy seen this over on the SASS board, but jist in case Ah'll put it here too:;f=2;t=084574#000000

Will Ketchum:
Patience is a virtue :)  Sometimes it is a hard one to have :(

Will Ketchum


D. R. Greysun:
I wish we had Calamity Jane in on this. She'd be snapping that whip!  ;D

D. R. Greysun:
Patients! Not needed any longer.  My PRS 45 mould came in today.  :) I wantta thanx PRS first fer come'm up with the design and Yellowstone Vic fer headin' up the order and MAV & Tony fer gettin' it to me. Thanx ya'll!  ;D


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