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What is your favorite CAS pistol and why?

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D. R. Greysun:
Roogers! Cause thats what I got.  ::) I bought my first Rooger back in '74 it wearn't a CAS pistola though. A nice little SS Security Six .357. I came with a 4" barrel an' I had it changed to 6". Shot bullseye and silhouette fer more a few years. Next "76 come the Super Blackhawk 44 Mag. 7 1/2" Blue. I carried it around on every hunt fer ever. I did the slihouette thing with it too! When I went half blind an' plum crazy I put'm away fer 'bout 15 years. A few years back my buddy was getin' outta the gun business an says last call. I aways wanted a '94 Win. as a companion piece fer the Blackhawk. So now I got 2 cowboy guns. Well, 3 really cause I already had this '94 Win Musket NRA thingy! Next thing I know I'm holding a Bisley and it stuck to ma hand. Well, hoot I got 2 hands, had ta have 2 Bisley's 44 Mag Vaquero's 5 1/2" a course. Then along come a SXS and for I know it a brace a '58's NMA Sheriff's. Leather, Duds, Ammo and such, I had forgotten how much I like to reload, ma boolet bags weights near 80#. I can hardly get up in the PU. An I still got brass ta load! Geez, I think I'm outta control! But lovin' it.  ;D ;D ;D ;D Yeee Haaaaa!

I like the Colt's becaus they have the look, the feel
the heretage of the Cowboy idea.
If i'd want strength i'd by a Freadom Arm's
The Remington C&B for their dependibility because
i never had a malfunctin with my -58

Forgot to mention that they should be shoot with BlackPowder ofcours!

Capt. Hamp Cox:
Rugers for durability/reliability/price.

Colt clones for traditional looks, and they just feel better in my hands.

Foothills Drifter:
Ruger.........accurate and bullet proof. I have 2 SS and 2 blued, all 5 1/2"  45 colt.

Good shootin......
Vern... 8)



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