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What is your favorite CAS pistol and why?

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Doc Holloman:
I'm shooting .357  Uberitis with 3.5 barrels but am migrating to Rugers. I like the shorter barrels as they clear the holster faster and with the short distances to the targets, I don't see a need for longer barrels. Downside is the short ejector rod sometimes doesn't kick the spent shell out. 


 :) NECROMANCY!!  ;)

But whom cares!!  Some while back, I built myself a swell pair of 1860 Richards Conversions.  Donor(s) are laser engraved Pietta with Kirst Konverter Saber River engraved cylinders and ejector assemblies.  Barrels cut to the Ejectors.  Marvelous FUN!!  You Betcha.

Avoid People.  They be Hazardous to Yer Health


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