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Who Says BP Shooters Aren't Competitive?

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Doc Shapiro:
Ok, so ya'll know I'm a competitive sort  ::)

Anyway, at today's match (6 stages, 104 shooters), the top 2 were both shootin FC category.

How's them apples?  ;D 8)


Cuts Crooked:
Werks fer me! ;D

Before there was FCD I used to shoot BP in the Duelist catagory, sometimes I'd beat those smokeless shooters! 8)

Howdy Doody:
Good for you Doc and I will guess Left Eastman was who was the other that you mention. I hope you will just peak about the time for EOT, cuz yer the horse I placed my bet on.
Now this week is Plainfield Raid and most everyone steps up a notch for that and then on to the big party in Norco.
I wish I were more competitive, but I am afraid it would do no good at my age.


Doc Shapiro:
Howdy, you're right.  Lefty finished 15 seconds behind me.  Really looking forward to Raid this week.  Be good to get a better gauge of where I am before EOT.  I still have time to build a little more speed.


Silver Creek Slim:
Great job, Doc. I am rooting (sp?) for you. Darkside all the way.



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