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Sgt Sourdough:
Is there any good shops in canada that carries 1880's wear or do I need to order from the states.My local western stores only carrie new styles.

Howdy, Wickit!

Kanada Kid used to carry quite a selection at his Wild West Shooting Centre in the West Edmonton Mall. I see that his website ( is currently being updated, but you may be able to get in later, or else call them ....

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
I know a seamstress in Victoria that can make anything from I SEE BY YOUR OUTFIT...  I'll PM her contact info to you.

BTW she travels to muzzleloading Rendezvous & some Kaboi matches.

Buffalo Creek Law Dog:
There is in BC that makes old west clothing.  Might be the same one that Sir Charles is refering to.  Not sure where in BC but the area code is 604.


Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
Area Code 604 is "Beyond HOPE"  From our point of view, that means between Hope and Steveston, the border and the subshine coast.  (Likely Vancouver or the Fraser Valley somewhere.)



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