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Hello from Northern BC

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Dogwood Dino:
Howdy, just dropin in to say hey.  We are new to this game, and trying like heck to get it going up here in Mackenzie.  Check out our web page, look under the sections page for Handgun section (thats my section lol) and if you go to the photo gallery under shooting, thats me, the old guy in the hat.  Most of the yougins doin the shootin are my sons, they too are learning the game.

Anyways, nice to see you all, and will look forward to shooting with some of you in the future.

Web page link 

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
Welcome to cascity and CHINOOK COUNTRY, Dino.  We wish you the best in getting your posse going.  Maybe I can get up there before I retire & go south to snowbird in Victoria.

I'll add your contact information to the FAS in BC thread.

Dogwood Dino:
That would be great to have you come up to shoot Sir Charles.  But I am afraid, by the time you retire, we will still have 4 ft of snow here haha, late May early June is when we can get active out on the range here lol.  But never say never, maybe we can come to Victoria where the shooting is year round in the sun.

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
Dogosaurus;  You would be very welcome.  With your lavish government expense account travel should not be a problem!

Charlie Bowdre:
Dogwood Dino

Hi Dog , apologies for not checking in sooner . Looked over your site , Looks like a great place to shoot and grand country . My best friend has a daughter teaching up in Fort St. James he has been after me to go up every summer with them for a visit . Never did go , now they are heading up in June for a fishing Derby and unfortunately moving her home to NS. So looks like my trip will never come about .

Glad to have you aboard , enjoy and bets of luck getting things going there.




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