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"I Wanna Be In The Cavalry"

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Icebox Bob:
If you are looking for some country music for a Christmas present, check out Corb Lund's new album: "Horse Soldier, Horse Soldier".  Recorded with his band the "Hurtin' Albertans" in Nashville and just released.

If you want a taste, here is the music video =
You may recognise the fort as the one built near Airdrie, Alberta for Spielberg's "Into The West".  They filmed last September.  And a live performance in Raleigh, North Carolina =

And here is the commentary on the filming at Airdrie =
Corb is a 4th generation rancher/cowboy from Taber, Alberta who bases himself out of Edmonton and tours widely.

I've never met him, just heard him on the radio and bought the album.

Merry Christmas

Charlie Bowdre:
Thanks for the write up I have this on my Santa List. Sound great .

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
Heh!  I just heard the title track played on CBC Radio this morning at 6:27 am!  I think I'll get this.

Charlie Bowdre:
Great CD..nice to see a local gang do well . Some great and catchy tunes . If ya like horse , cavalry and music htis is for you.


Buffalo Creek Law Dog:
Corb Lund performed in Red Deer this past Wednesday.  I didn't attend however, there was a photo of him  on stage singing from his Horse Soldier CD and he was wearing a NWMPolice uniform as opposed to the US Cavalry uniform on his video.  The tunic was that of a commissioned officer however, he was wearing S/Sgt rank insignia.

A week ago I had to go and buy the CD when I found out that my 5 yr old grandson can sing the first half a dozen lines to "I want to be in the cavalry." :D



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