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Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
So!  There I was, in my Canada Border Services office.  I look up at a poster;

No, it wasn`t a wanted poster with my picture on it.

It was our forums key note poster.

Sir Charles:

Well .... not exactly our Forum image, but likely this poster (or another similar one utilizing the same central image) from the very extensive advertising campaign the Canadian government conducted around the turn of the 20th century to encourage immigration. 

(This is where I got the image and  "CANADA" title we ultimately settled on ....)

PJ Hardtack:
I like the image! Quintessentially Canadian with the wheat sheaves and the rider wearing his 'Montana Peak' Stetson. Reminiscent of the NWMP/RCMP without going that cliche route. Charlie Russell and Sam Steele would approve.

I know some of you guys going back donkey's years and a few from other forums. I'm 'Cariboo Country" on the Ruger site and "PJ Hardtack" here - poor but honest Cariboo miner. Inspired by the 'PH' engraved on a '66 I bought. Used to be "Word Smith", pioneer journalist, but he 'retired' to Victoria. Couldn't abide interior winters any longer .....
I'm long-in-the-tooth in CAS (WCFSS#22, SASS#9854) but have let memberships in both expire for 'political reasons'. Now I'm a free-booter, more inclined to the 'rough-and-ready' pioneer spirit of the Gold Rush era.

My wife (Miz Josie) enjoys CAS more than I do (if that's possible) and keeps us well dressed for the game. She just bought herself a brace of Ruger New Model Blackhawks in .44 Spl. to go with her B-92. T'ain't 'Cowboy' per se, but when a lot of other Colt SAAs are junk, her .44s will be spittin' lead. Not to be putdone, I have a brace of Taylor's 44-40 New Army conversions coming. Got bored with Colt clones and Open Tops shooting loose. Yee-haw! Come on spring .... !

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
PJ; Welcome to cascity and CHINOOK COUNTRY. 


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