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Bill Mc Call:
Howdy BP Fans

I found last week end in a flee market a pistol that looks to be a Colt Sheriff 36 cal. in very bad shape, have to admit, but with a lot of elbow grease and time, might be a very nice one.
I need some new parts, but I didn' t find some brand on it, just awls on the barrel and frame,

 first is a star in a flashing circle with a PN under, a second a vertical bar+ AC in a square, third, what looks as an anvil with two crossed sabres or lightnings in a shield also under the star in the flashing ( or burning) circle. ???

If one or more of you guys have an idea about the brand, maybe I could find the parts needed

Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated  :D :D :D


Shiloh Sharpie:
One thing is for certain it ain't "brand new"

Bill Mc Call:
Isn' t "brand new "at all, not really "junck" bur you know, life is made of hope  ;)


Paper Chaser:
Howdy, Bill McCall.  What I 'think' you are describing are akin to proof marks, inspection marks, etc.  I have a Navy Arms '58 Remmie with basically the same markings.  Revolver was made by Pietta.  It has the first and third marks you mention, on the frame as well as on the barrel; also has the letters "BS" in a square.  Hope this helps.
Perhaps others with MUCH MORE knowledge than I will post,
Good shooting!

Can you post a picture of it?  Older guns are either Uberti or Euroarms, or Belgium.....haven't seen a Belgium in a while, but they used to import them about 30 years ago.

Most of the markings you descirbe sound like proof marks, which in Italy, they have a government proof house which really won't help running down the actual 'maker'.


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