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'51 Navy Barrel Question

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Standpat Steve:
A shooting partner has a Euroarms 1851 Navy reproduction with an oversize bore. We found that my Pietta barrel fits his frame and shoots better. In Brownells they sell a Uberti 1851 Navy barrel, but we don't know if it would be interchangeable on the Euroarms frame. Anybody know if this would work? Or a source for a Pietta barrel? He wants to use it with a conversion cylinder.

Standpat Steve, SASS #113, Calif.

Shiloh Sharpie:
I do not know the specifics, but suggest rather than speculate on barrel dimensions you slug the bore of a Euroaema and Pietta to see if they are a different dimension.  No use guessing, and gently hammering a ball down the barrels should be easy enough.

Cuts Crooked:
Depending on the cost of the new barrel assembly, you might suggest to your pard that he look into having his existing barrel sleeved. This would leave the gun in basically original condition, and it's not a difficult job for a smith to do. In long run it may be cheaper than purchasing a new barrel assembly that may not be anywhere near specs for that frame, and may require professional assistance to get it to work...if it will work at all.


Standpat Steve:
We had not really considered a sleeve, but maybe we should! We did decide that a real gunsmith probably was needed to set the new barrel in proper. Specially if we wanted the front sight to end up on top  ;D

Standpat Steve, SASS #113, Calif.

Howdy Doody:
I wonder if VTI would have a barrel for it, brand new. They do for uberti and piettas. hmmmmm.


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