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Thanks James.

I couldnt get that link to work.

I have plans that weekend but I may be able to make one in May.


Pvt Hoover:
Hey Rick,
The address is  The marshall has it linked on his map.  Shoot me a emule and I will get on their emule list.  They generally send out announcements before matches and any other particulars that are going on. 
Pvt Hoover

that would be great.

I didnt realize there was a club that close.


Polecat Ron:
Been a while since I pulled up to the fire for a chat.
Very nicely done web site yo have here, Marshal.
Hope I kin get here more often, cuz there's a whole passel of nice folks.

Polecat ;D

Marshal'ette Halloway:
My sister, Sherri and her husband, Curt.. have just bought a home and also the Daylight Donut shop in Hutch.. so I imagine we will try to time our weekends with them that will maybe coincide with the shoots.
Keep us informed... and we will get on their e-mail list.

Marshal'ette H.



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