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Mustang Gregg:
We usta shoot there in the 1980's.  They put on some real fine shoots. They held pistol silhouette & combat matches the last I heard of.
I dunno who to contact to see if'n they still shoot.  The range was just short piece north of the rest stop.


G. P. Cobb:

--- Quote from: thehairlessone on April 01, 2005, 03:01:38 PM ---Marshall,
do you have any info about the club in Hutch?

I am new to the website but the whole thing has got me intrigued. I didnt have any idea there was one that close to me. I am in Great Bend.



--- End quote ---
We are new also, close to Hutchinson,  don't know much about this CAS stuff,  starting a SASS club in Anthony KS, first meeting was today, will meet or shoot first Saturdays,  The Cobb's SASS #82248

Pvt Hoover:
Howdy Cobb,

Heard about a new outfit startin down that way, yall get a map up to the range and telegraph when ur startin up and maybe a bunch of us Salt City yahoos will saddle up and ride that way. 

pvt Hoover

I'm just over the state line by 30 miles, Springfield CO. Was wondering if anyone knew of CAS matches/clubs in South West KS.


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