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Tell me about your guncart

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Four-Eyed Buck:
No pics. My friend made mine from plywood, scraps and some pine. Wheels aren't big enough, but maybe over winter I'll change that. Gun rack is upright, holds six long guns of which two spots are for SxS's. It has a removeable ammo box large enough to hold ammo and other accessories. The upright is held to the lower section by two large bolts and nuts with washers inside and out. This knocks down low enough to fit under the Tonneau cover of my pickup so it can be kept out of the weather while traveling. It's also fairly light weight...........Buck 8) ::) ;D ;D

SGT John Chapman:
Built mine myself offin one of Rolan Kraps designs,........ I changed the boxes, made the main one bigger and changed the back one to a half sized leather cantle bag I made, I also added some D-Rings to tie off stuff like blankets, rain gear, other coats canteens,and whatever else will fit....... , then added a slot for another gun............

  Built my own. Looks like an old hand cart with large iron wheels. Fortunately don't have to use it much anymore. NCOWS working cowboy, 1pistol 1 rifle.    jt

Calamity Jane:
Up here in Grandmother's Land, gunz haffta be carried under lock and key. Since I travel to matches often and stay in motels, this ment haulin a gadzillion cases and boxes from the house to the truck, the truck to the motel room, back to the truck, unpacking at the match, and then doin the whole thang in reverse to go home.

So I built me guncart with a removable, locakable front, drawers fer all the different ammo, and a compartment up top fer stuff like ear plugs, glasses, 'n' such.

It's big but it does the job 'n' all in one box.

Micheal Fortune:
Well this is my new one, small enough to fit in either rig and big enough to share with a pard.



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