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Nashville Frank:
What is your favorite hat likes? And why?

I have had a hard time looking for my next hat. I never found THE HAT I really wanted.

Before we went to Winter Range this year, my friend Samuel Carpenter, told me to check out Colorado Mountain Hats. But I didn`t know what to look for.. But on the flight over I watched "Open Range", and my search was over! First thing I did on WR was to order an exact clone of Kevin Costners hat at CM Hats. 10- 12 weeks delivery, but what the h.. As Smitty said, if you don`t have the time, go to the mall!

I just can`t wait to get my new hat!!

Of course, I just started this topic, so I could brag about my order.. ;D

US Scout:
I have a variety of hats with a variety of creases and in several shades of black, white and brown.  Which one I wear depends mostly on my mood at the time.

I'm most partial to the type of crease worn by Tom Selleck and Keith Carradine in "Last Stand at Saber River" and which is similar to that worn by Costner in "Open Range."  My other favorite is a telescope crown with a wide brim.  I like the shade.

I chose my hats on fit and how I like how I look in it.  I don't like wearing an uncomfortable hat.  If I don't think I look good in, no matter how good looking the hat itself may be, I don't get it.

I've heard good stuff about Colorado Hats.  I ordered one from D Bar J at the 2002 SASS Convention - and it was exactly what I asked for.  Couldn't be happier with them.  I think they took just about 8 weeks (I asked for it by my birthday and it came the day before - what perfect timing).

Will Ketchum:
As a Pinkerton I get to wer a variety of hats.  Feom a tall crown Montana Peak to a the Homburg style you see in my avatar.

I thinking on getting a derby next 8)

Will Ketchum

Shiloh Sharpie:
I have a few hats but none compare to my Rand "Tom Horn" It's quality is superb. 

Foothills Drifter:
When I think it's time to look for a new hat, I don't have anything particular in mind (other than a black one) I try them on until I find the one that looks right. It might take a few trips to a few different places but ya know it when ya see it! I bought the last on at Russels Road Runner in Tombstone. It's gettin ta be time for a new one.....

Good shootin......
Vern... 8)



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