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Uncle Eph:
Sharpie, now that is a group that I would be honored to shoot with.

I met Elmer Keith years ago and that was a real thrill for a young shooter that hung on every word that "Uncle Elmer" said.  When it comes to BPCRs Paul Matthews is the man to read.

Shiloh Sharpie:
Uncle Eph,

Paul is terrific and a real gentleman.  But then again all BPCR shooters are that way.  Fabulous bunch.  Thanks for the post.  I'll bet meeting Uncle Elmer is a real high point. 

Take care and keep your powder dry.

Dick Dastardly:
This sounds like a good group to get some of my new bullet design tested.  I've gotten' some results, but need more.



Will Ketchum:
Shiloh, sent you an e-mail.

Will Ketchum


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