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Stag grips for a Schofield?

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I have a 5 1/2" Schofield (Uberti) that needs to be prettier and easier to hold on to.  I'm considering either checkered walnut or real stag.  Found the Sack Peterson website and he offers elk stag grips for a a little over $200.  Seems reasonable but I don't know Sack Peterson from Adam.  Anybody with any experience with his grips?  Anybody tried checkered walnut?

I've got the plain checkered Maple from this guy:  https://www.lsgrips.com/collections/wood-uberti-schofield-grips

Look and feel great.  He has walnut and other woods in several patterns.

He seems to be the only supplier of checkered wood grips for the Schofield.

If you like the general shape of your factory grips other than wanting checkering, you can send them to a laser engraver.

Buckaroo Lou:
I have a couple sets of Sack Peterson's elk grips. Both are for my USFA revolvers. One set is excellent. The other set fit when I originally received them but have since shrunk and now they are under sized. I waited a long time to get the last set. In fact I first ordered Ram Horn grips but after a long wait when they showed up they were Elk and not the ram horn I had ordered. I contacted Sack about it and he offered to take them back and make the ram horn but I had waited so long I didn't want to wait longer. Since they have shrunk I wish I had sent them back and waited for the ram horn.



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