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   I would sure like a replica of this! Or, even more interesting: a Sharps' .25 Percussion copy!


Maybe Cimmaron could be talked into getting Uberti to make it in 22 LR? That would be great for PP side matches!

Johnson Barr:
The real money would be made in a reproduction of the .32RF Army model. Chambered in easily available .32 S&W or maybe .32 S&W Long central fire cartridges. The vast market would include not just western action shooters, but also Civil War Re-enactors as well.  I am in for at least two; how about you? 

Miroku and Uberti both made replicas of the Sharps 4 barrel and Remington O/U back in the 60s.  I have one of each.  Unfortunately the GCA of '68 stopped the importation of both models.  If you want a replica it's going to have to be made in the USA.



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