Crazy Enlishmen

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Since the Marshall is from Norway, thought ya might like ta here something strange connecting Norway and Newbrasskey.  There is some English guy gonna ride his bike inta Bee Newbrasskey tommorow.  No big deal except he started at A Norway, some small place up near the Artic Circle. 

The point to this he is claiming to be the first person to ride a bike from Point A ta Point Bee.

Bee be about thurty miles from my house, I hunt geese and chinese chickens up about 2 miles from there.

El Peludo:
 ??? I wonder how he did that!  How'd he get across the ocean?  On a motorbike?  O' the possibilities!!! ::)

He admited to ridin' a ship on the wet part of the journy, I think that be cheatin'.  I think he shoulda' waited till winter and went over the top. ;D ;D

By the way he was on the radio, imagine that?  He already had a book deal before he started. ::)


Vin Weasel:
"Getting From Point A to Point Bee for Dummies"  Oughta sell a million.
Ridin' a boat is cheatin', tho.  He shoulda just got some flotation tires.

Yeaa. Some people do any thing to get out of Norway ::)


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