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Several years ago I was doing some work with the Bobcat around the little farm my dad grew up on.  Just about 50 yards below the trailerhouse we use fer a cabin I got a funny idea.  There was a bunch of elm saplings about 2 inches in diameter, bout the size male deer like to beat on in the fall.

I took the bucket and run it up and down several times on several trees.  I then rocked the bobcat back an forth a couple of times,  a little work with a rake and hoe and I had an impressive but not overdown buck rub, one that could be seen by sitting it the porch swing.  All ready fer the next weekend, my cousin would be down to check the zero on his rifle!

The next Saterday I wend down and poured some water on the spot and kicked things around a bit.  Waiting till I seen his purple truck coming up the road a mile away, I placed a couple of handfuls of raisins in my "Buck Rub." ::)

When he got out of his truck I told him I had found a good rub for him to watch, took him over to the porch swing and told him that was his stand, pointed south and he could see the bare white wood on the saplings.  We went down to look it over and when we got there I picked up a bunch of "deer sign" and popped them in my mouth and said, "Tastes like it has at least 5 points on a side. :o  Needed a camera.  Caught  the two neighbor kids in my trap, latter in the day when they came to zero. :o

Brazos Bucky Smith:
Delmonico! :D You sure have a fertile mind! ;) Other than the dropped jaw, what did your cousin do after retching up his breakfast?


Silver Creek Slim:
What a devious mind!  ;D


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The sad thing is my cousin who has known me for 40 years (his age) was only slightly shocked.  He said he was not sure if I would really not do it.  Now the 16 and 18 year old neighbor kids who did not know me as well. :o

Somewhere floating around is a picture of my brother with his orange vest on, hanging upside down by a rope from a tree limp.  Course there are 2 or 3 deer hanging on the same limb.  We did not fields dress him though.

Silver Creek Slim:
You guys almost have too much fun.  ;D



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