Out of the box CAS guns - not good enough?

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--- Quote from: Griff on April 13, 2012, 07:45:44 AM ---Forgive me, but I'm sure you meant to say Except for the 3-screw Blackhawks!  ;D ;D ;D

--- End quote ---

I will agree with you on that...!



I bought these matched Uberti Cattleman 45 Colts through Gunbroker. I've been reading stories about all makes and brands of guns that were defective right out of the box or needing a lot of attention.   I got the impression new guns automatically needed to be sent off for professional help.  I was pleased to find both Cattleman to be very good in every way.  They even shoot point of aim.

I decided to do nothing but shot and clean them.  But... you know how it is.  I had an order in to MidwayUSA so I added a set of Wolff springs.   Just one set.  I installed the set in one gun.   The results were underwhelming.   You could make yourself believe the Wolff spring gun was had a litte lighter hammer and trigger pull but I would have to have measuring gages to trll for sure.  I had Mary try both guns and tell me what gun had the lighter action.   She couldn't tell.  For the small improvement,  if any, I just have spare springs.

To me, it completely depends on the gun.  I have had some that out of the box needed an action job because they were out of time, mainly less expensive revolvers.  Others, I just did a detial strip and cleaning, reassembled and have shot ever since.  Then there is my 1897 which is still not good to go, but it was a box of parts when I got it for half of a song ;D. 

I actually had an action job done one time that made my Rossi soooo smooooooth, but it didn't last 2 more years of regular CAS competition.  This taught me to follow the old adage "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

Now, My Norinco 1887 needed some work to make it function reliably, but that has proven to be the exception, not the rule.

On the other hand, knowing that your equipment is capable of being extremely accurate, smooth, and reliable gives you a great deal of confidence.  Again, this is from experience. ;)


I don't know why I haven't been here before.  Strange that.  However, I'd like to throw a couple of opinions out there from the standpoint
of a long term Gunsmith, working on and tuning CAS guns.
When this topic first started way back in the way back, most CAS guns weren't all that wonderful.  But ........ for the most part, they at
least worked.
Today, there have been great improvements in the guns available to CAS players.  Some things have not changed however.  Most CAS guns
are very "over sprung."  Most of the difficulty in operation stems from those springs.  Springs changes are something almost every CAS
player can do at home.  AFTER BUYING A GOOD SET OF GUN SCREWDRIVERS.  Simply changing out the springs can make a very good
improvement in the usability of out of the box guns.
There is, of course, a litany of things to do to make CAS guns competitive.  Most of that is a waste of money for a newbie.  Swap out the
springs and then play with em for a while.  Have Fun.



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