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Snowshoes worn backwards...?!!

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Major 2:
I can relate  ;D ... Greetings from the sand in shoes region  :)

Russ T Chambers:
Are those Seminole-pattern shoes  ??? ::) ;D

Tascosa Joe:
This was on the cover of Muzzleloader magazine a few years ago.  From my experience with them, they do not make a lot of historical errors.


Those 2 piece snowshoe frames. They seem to be more popular in Canada.  In the US it is either the Maine or Michigan plus a few bear paws.  On the Canadian 2 piece frame, the front is turned up a little higher than the Michigan or Maine style and it allows the wearer to sort of slide the shoe forward over the snow.  I personally think it is a very good design. For some reason a lot of the NDN's up there decorate the tips with pom poms.
The walking backwards- I think that was the Mad Trapper of ???, I can't recall. Charles Bronson played him in the movie.
The other thing is old fashioned logging skis.  I saw them a lot in Vermont many years ago. Long, maybe 8 to 10' and 4" wide.  Today's cross country skis. They require packed snow. In deep drifts they sort of turn over under your feet.


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