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New Colt (now with pictures)

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SAA, 4 3/4" .45.  New production, S90xxxA.  Smooth cycling, perfectly timed.  No "grit" clean break around 4 lbs.  All blueing dark, smooth and even. Very dark pack hardening compared to my other two SAAs (1995, 2005)  but lovely to look at, flowing deep shades of blue, some gray with a hint of orange.  Disassembled, no burs, interior looks well finished.  Nice square edges on the front sight, previous ones had been rounded by overpolishing.    Tight barrel cylinder gap, very even, no endshake.   Loading gate very well fitted,  flush with the recoil shield, cannot feel the seam running my thumb over the upper closure.  Excellent fit on the cylinder bushing, no perceptible wiggle, yet slides out under gravity alone.

One end of the base pin retainer latch appears polished in the white?  Screws appear nicely blued. No "dishing" around the holes from too much pressure on the polishing wheel.  Grip frame fit is seamless, black rubber eagle grips well fitted,  but thick of the frame, all my Colts are like this.  Fits my hand as is.

 VERY heavy mainspring, that will be replaced, I put Lee Fisher "Gunslinger" springs in all my SAAs. (I swear, Colt still uses the Military spec spring for the original Martin and Benet primers)  Should take some weight off the trigger.  Chamber ball seats mike right at .455.

Hope to get a range report soon, but very pleased with this.  Paid a bit over MSRP to get it, but decided not to wait for the market to shake out.  This gives me one of each principle barrel lengths. ( 7.5" 5.5" 4.75")

Excellent.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  At least, for the frame colors.  ;D

Working on it. 

Swap out the springs, put a Bullseye ejector on it, and it'll be field ready.  (I put Bullseye ejectors on everything, just like them)

Love it!  Looking at getting one myself.

Rube Burrows:
Very nice looking Colt.



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