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Pettifogger Tuning the Open Tops files on the wayback

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First post. That’s the reason I came to this site. Great information.

Crow Choker:
Howdy Oldgold  :)  Pettifogger's tutorials on the Open Tops and cap and balls contain a wealth of info for tuning. You can use it 100% or vary it according to your needs and experience in tuning revolvers. Check some of the info 45 Dragoon, Coffinmaker, riflee/rifle (same guy) and others have posted in the 'Stickey's' and back pages of the forum. Be sure to check out some posts posted by a former member called 'Mako' also, good stuff and info. Another back page former poster that went by 'Raven' (Jay Strite) was very knowledgeable with cap an balls and conversions. Check out posts by 'Hoofhearted', also-very informative. If you're more into cap an' ball and conversion revolvers, the Darkside, Gunsmithing, SCORRS, and STORM are your best bets for information, but the whole forum is interesting. If I've left anyone out that I should have mentioned, my apologies. CC

Quick Draw McGraw:
Many Thanks for the posting!



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