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I really had fun at the match .... the RO was more than kind, the people were fun and accepting ot this guy from California ....

And John Smith adopted me and made me feel right at home.

I enjoyed the shooting and the loose, 'down-and-dirty' form of shooting ... at my normal shoots, there is a fireing order that one may or not be ready to shoot, but it is your turn ....

I loved the Beef Brisket ... it was fantastic!  But what was even nicer was the way I was accepted into a table of friends and made to feel at home had the feel of shooting (And eating) with cousins and kin.

Transporting Guns from California was not that bad once one knew the drill ... but taking off cowboy boots, belt et al at the xray boxes got old real quick .....

Bottom line guys ... this is a great club!! My only regret is that I only get to shoot with them every year or so ...

Blackpowder Burn:
Well, ya just need to emigrate to the Republic of Texas!  There's lots of clubs here to keep ya busy shootin'!  ;D

I'm athinkin' real hard on it ... I mean, for my equity alone in my little CA bungalow, I could buy outright a nice three bedroom/2bath house in Fredericksburg .... and have my military and civilian retirements to live off of ... sounds kinda nice!!

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John Smith:
Got a great VA hospital in Kerrville, no state income tax, very resonable gun laws, what more could you want?  Glad you enjoyed yourself, we're going to host the Texas state championship in the spring, come back and shoot.


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