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How To Fit A CF Block


I have fitted 2 CF blocks to my '65 Rifle (56-50).  The second time was a lot easier cause I've learned a lot.  I know they say they will all just drop in but.....
First remove the lower screw on the reciever.  This will allow the Upper and lower breechblocks and the lever to drop out.  Remove the screw from the lever and lift out the upper breechblock.  Set the spring aside and set the new BB into the lower BB.  Insure it will drop easily to the bottom of the lower BB as the original.  If not carefully remove material from the offending surface until it drops to the bottom.  I use a flat surface and some emery cloth, slow but time is cheaper than new blocks.  Once it sits in the groove reinsert the lever screw (no spring).
 Install the whole assembly into the gun.  I find it goes in easily if you insure the extractor pokes out behind the breech.  Reinsert the lower screw and lightly secure (couple turns).  Open the action all the way and use a light to see if the breech clears the magazine tube.  You can use a cartridge to check or use the original block if you need a reference.  If it does not open all the way it is hitting on the rear section of the trigger plate.  You will have to grind the top of the block to gain clearence.  You can use india ink or just cold blue to mark the high spots.  I use a Dremel with the rubber bonded wheel for the flat section and a fine round ball for the groove.  Once it clears you can final polish and finish up the block. Now you can reinstall that spring with your new block.
I set mine up tight for accuracy and I did have to very slightly reduce the rim on 4 out of the last 20 cases.  I just emeried the base.
Cartridge lenth is critical in the Spencer.  Mine likes a 1.66" overall.  1.665 is too much but at max it feeds beautifully.  Longer cartridges can be single loaded and hold more (they look cooler too) for experimentation.
Let me know how I can improve these directions.  Hope it saves someone the wasted time I put in on my first one trying to figure out where to start.

Two Flints:
Hi Glenn,

Thanks for posting the conversion directions.  Too bad we couldn't add diagrams with part labels to the directions.  I know I'd feel a whole lot more comfortable with something as a guide to follow.


Two Flints 


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