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Need S&S and Romano Conversion Directions


Two Flints:

Does anyone have the directions for doing a rimfire to centerfire conversion of an original Spencer  that you could copy and send to me for a fee, or just send it to me and I will copy it and return it to you.  I'd like to have the information for myself, and for any questions that might come up here at SSS.

Can't seem to get Romano and S&S to reply to my Email requests for the above information.  So I thought I'd give SSS a try.


Two Flints

It has been a very long time since I've done this but as I recall it is no big deal.  The magazine follower had to be changed and so does the breech block.  Both parts should be part of the conversion kit and just replace the originals.  No big deal.

If the rimfire is a bit damaged, then things can get difficult.  Then you might well need a very good gunsmith to install the parts.  That was the situation with my original.  Larry Romano fit the pieces for me.

Two Flints:

Thanks for the reply.

Two Flints



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