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Leo Tanner:
Spud, Lil an Angel on a bike ride.

El Peludo:
This is our Grandson, Kathan's picture - not a picture of him, well, it sort of is, but one he made.  I just gotta brag a bit.

Our 17 year old Grandson, Kathan, is applying to a number of universities, and Chapman College is one.  He is applying for their film and media program, and Navy ROTC; they asked him to make a two minute film or video promoting himself - this is his submission.


This kid gives me such a case of the big head I can hardly contain myself sometimes.  He is very proud of his heritage, and says that he is a real Indian: Cherokee on his Dad's side (Mrs. Hairy, our sons, and two "blood" Grands are registered in The Southern Cherokee Nation), and Asian on his Mom's.  He has embraced the Cherokee Heritage, and was instrumental in getting the high school to recognize all of the American Indian students, and formed a "Council" of students to explore and embrace their heritage.  He played football three years, and track four, is a Freshman Mentor and Student Counselor at school, and is involved in a number of other campus activities.  He just earned his Eagle Scout and was awarded that in August; for that, he made a film aimed at easing the anxiety of children facing surgery and serious medical procedures at The Children's Hospital of Orange County and was awarded a Meritorious Service Award by The County Board of Supervisors.  He is an accomplished musician, plays the piano, all of the violin type instruments, favoring cello, is in a band and plays guitar and piano, is a money making DJ, and I don't know what all else.  He is responsible, moral, respectful, and reveres all of his elders; speaks two dialects of East Indian, Cherokee (self taught), and Spanish.  He has a steady girlfriend - she is a real peach - and the kids he hangs out with are all a lot like him; we have had several of them visit at different times, and they are all a treat to be around - I think I might have told you about taking some of them shooting once.

I hope you all don't mind, I just had to jump up and shout.


Just recently moved to be closer to em.  Gotta make up for some lost time, but I'm trying to teach em right.


River City John:
Been awhile, so here's an update.

Emily has two brothers now. They're her cousins whom my daughter and son-in-law adopted after their mother passed away. Fine boys, and they make for a lively household.

And recent pic of my grandson from a Chicago trip in February.

They grow too dang fast!



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