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Marshal Halloway:
You sure can.

STORM 180- Quick Fire


Well, I'm not usually a joiner, but this seems like company I'd like to keep. I shoot a brace of Open Tops and have a passion for conversions. I'd eventually like to add conversions of 1861 Navies, an 1862 Police or two and a '49 conversion as a pocket piece. There's something about conversions -- and I know the Open Top isn't really a conversion, but it looks like one -- that really turns me on. I have vague plans to convert some odd-ball guns, as well. How about a conversion on a Starr single action? Or a Rogers-Spencer? Gunsmiths back then probably converted just about anything to fire cartridges, so why not add some of the less common ones? All it will take is time and money and access to a decent machine shop.


Marshal Halloway:
Welcome as a member, McGavin. You are now STORM 181.

Nine Toe Jim:
Just bought my first open top a month ago. It's the 1872 open top in 45 schofield. Dang is that thing accurate. I've owned open top cap and balls before. 1860 colt, 1847 walker and a small sherrif's model. Sold those off and wish I hadn't now. Sign me up.


--- Quote from: Nine Toe Jim on October 13, 2005, 07:52:51 AM ---Sign me up.

--- End quote ---

Done!  :)



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