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So...Who's all goin' to Ackley Iowa......

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  Top Buffalo hunter knocked down 90 out of 100. Like always there werre plenty of twists and turns in the set up of the herds once again. This adds to the fun and challenge of the hunt.
I don't have the entire list of scores. but when they are recieved I will share them here.

Bristow Kid:
Ya missed a great time Joss.  I didn't shoot but I am now hooked.  I bought me a Pedersoli Rolling Block in .45/70 from Ol Gabe and I will be a huntin' the buff in June.  It would be well worth the trip for anyone even if they just watch.

Lone Oak:
Bristow Kid,
I wish I'd have known it was you there in Kayleen's establishment on Sunday afternoon. I should have introduced myself, I'm sorry. Kayleen told me who you were after you had left. My friend and I were tuckerd out and sat down to rest when you three walked up. Hope we can shoot buffalo together one day.
Lone Oak


Bristow Kid:
Hell fire that was you.  I had your name wrote down as someone I wanted to meet.  Never thought to ask Kayleen who y'all were.  I plan on being there in May for the siloette and the bull's eye shoot.  And at Strand's Stand in June.  Look forward to meeting y'all and maybe shooting with ya.


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