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So...Who's all goin' to Ackley Iowa......

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Lone Oak:
.....the weekend of April 22 & 23 to hunt buffalo?  Hope to run into some of you there.

Lone Oak


Fox Creek Kid:
I'll be there. You'll hear me grunting when I lift my 15 lb. 44-77 to shoot offhand.  :o ;D ;)

Ol Gabe:
Lone Oak,
Are you bringing the rest of the bunch from Minnesota down? Really liked watching you guys shoot last year and the primitive camp was an extra, it really set the mood and added to the enjoyment!
Best regards and drive safely!
'Ol Gabe

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Lone Oak:
'Ol Gabe,
If everything goes as planned 5 of us will be there. Probably several others too that I don't know.

Counting down the days...
Lone Oak

Dakota Widowmaker:
I would like to go...

Here is the question, though...

Can I bring my 1885 in 45-90? I plan on shooting lead (not jacketed) and using either GOEX (FFg Express) or Pyrodex "Select".
(I have had REALLY good luck with Pyrodex in my model 94 in 38-55, but, I am still waiting on delivery for my 1886... won't know for a few weeks)

405gr bullets should take down some rams, if I remember correctly.

Do us levergun fanatics get to participate if we promise to use only one round in the gun at any given time? :)


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