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Dakota Widowmaker:
Well, I am about to get my order in for a Winchester 1886 takedown in 45-90.

Got the brass, dies, and shell carriers for this beast.

My FFL is doing his part.

Now, what I need to know is, what are some GOOD starting load to work off of?

I got one of the Lee 340gr molds, as it has a nice flat meplat and has the correct nose length.

For BP:
82-85gr of FFg, .060" card wad, 340gr bullet size .457" should be about right, WLRM primers, 20:1 alloy.
I have settled on using "pearl lube" on all my BP loads. clean, works well is 30 F all the way upto 100 F.

For smokeless:
24gr of H4227, 340gr bullet, WLR primers, felix lube, Lyman #2 alloy.

I saw a box of Ultramax cowboy in 45-90... $40!!!! <Ouch>

Fox Creek Kid:
Two points.

1. Browning 45-90 available after almost all buffalo wiped out.

2. 45-90's kick. A lot. Learn to flinch. Very few people can even shoot a 12 lb. rifle more than 10 shots off a bench in succession.

Just my 2 cents worth as I shoot a 15 lb. Shiloh in 44-77 and with 500 gr. bullets & it still kicks, albiet not as much as a lighter rifle. I know people who have bought 45-90's and regretted it because of recoil. I would shoot one first before buying. Just my opinions.

I liked 14 grains of Unique behind a SAECO #015 linotype cast bullet.  Pleasant load.  Not much recoil.  Accurate.  I wanted to see how many times I could reload the cases.  Never did find out.  Got up to 35 reloads with virtually no case problems.  A friend said that he started having case failure after 65 reloads.  Those cases last almost forever.

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Dakota Widowmaker:
Well, after loading up 5 rounds, I realize that the Starline brass will only hold 80gr (BARELY, with .125" compression) an 030" card, and the Lee 340gr bullet.

I might switch to the 405gr... I have one of those molds on order righ now. It has an extra lube groove. (the non-hollow base design)

Future rounds may require me to step down to 78gr (vol) and even further still with a lube cookie. (maybe as low as 70gr)

Fire formed cases are on the horizon. 12gr of Uniquie and grits should do the trick. (I used a similar method to fire form my 38-55 cases)

I did take the time to anneal 50 cases. I didn't mess with the flash hole...yet.

I should have bought Mike V. and Steve G. SPG book earlier in life... would have saved me MANY a day at the range figuring stuff out the hard way.

Has anyone have experience with the suggested OAL for the loaded cartridges? I am going to start off with 2.81" and go from there. Any shorter, and the bulllet will be crimped outside the front driving band. I'd like to be able to size them to 2.85", if possible. (which is right at the crimp groove...but I'd use a taper crimp die and not a roll crimp)

The status of my rifle has changed a bit. Its now PAID for and should be shipped next week some time. I should have it (HOPEFULLY) by the end of the month. Just in time for some outdoor shooting.

Stay tuned...

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
Re OAL;  I wouldn't worry too much about the crimp to start with.  I've heard some that suggest leaving the flare of the case untouched.  They say it helps to center the round in the chamber.  When you get your rifle, do a test of OAL by pushing a bullet into the leade.  (Mark a rod from muzzle to breach face, and then mark again after snugging the bullit into the throat to stick, mark again and measure)  Try some touching the leade, and compare with some loaded with a bit of freebore.  The limiting factor with a repeater is the maximum length the action will handle.  My Browning BLR in 45-70 will take much longer than I can load.  I'm not sure about the 45-90.  The same with crimp.  Try some with varying crimps.  It will be all enjoyable time spent at the range!


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