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Pedersolli Sharps Sight Question???

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Ol Gabe:
Know what you mean, the procedure to make it work is a little befuddling at first, but try this and I think you'll find it works and the sights will give you years of quality service:
1. Loosen the horizontal screw on the bottom of the Vernier post (don't remove!) til the post easily swings back and forth and rests easily on the recvr. and then the stock.
2. Lube the same horizontal screw wiith a drop or two of Ballistol or another liquid lube, retighten then loosen to lube the screw shaft and tube.
3. Adjust the screw by tightening and loosening til the post is just barely held upright when the spring 'cliks' into the detent slot (below the screw hole in the post base) to hold the post in the correct upright user-friendly position.
4. Test by pulling the post all the way back so it easily rests on the stock then all the way forward to the recvr. as in #1, if it does this you are almost there.
5. Readjust the tension on the screw slowly til it does this without much effort but still falls into the detent and holds without moving back and forth or appearing to be 'sloppy'.
6. If this does not work, take the sight base off, turn it around and remount the entire assembly as it may have been mounted backwards the first time, this would cause the post to be too close to the recvr. and thusly exascerbate the extendability of the post.
This won't take more than 5 minutes to do and you'll have no trouble after that unless that particular Vernier post sight was damaged in production or handling, it happens, after all Pedersoli makes 1,000's of them every year. If so, get another one with the improved Hadley, you'll see better and be able to hit those Big Bulls out to 1,000 yards when you come out to Ackley, Iowa for the Strand's Stand Mid & Long Range Shoots this year.
Yep, 200-1,000 yards! You are gonna love it!
Best regards and good shooting!
'Ol Gabe
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Guage Rod:
Ole Gabe took the words right out of my mouth.  The sight is probably mounted backwards. Is this A DP tang sight?  I bough the Dirt Cheep version advertised In Cabela's about a year ago.  It was doing the same thing yours is.  I decided I must have it on backwards after fiddling with it for a while.  I even went so far as to file another detent in the pivot wheel of the stantion (Vertical framework), and now have the ability to have the sight stayput about 30 degrees from vertical as well as vertical so I can shoot over the rear fixed sight.  I have a very poor mans version of a Sharps, put out by Pedreti for EMF.  I do not recommend that anyone purchase one.  At the time I bought mine I was quite new to the sport and did not know better, I did not pay a lot for it, but did trade 3 good shooting Ruger black Hawks for it.  I would wait if I had to do it all over again and shop for a bargin in the Pedrisoli.
I broke my extractor wright off of the get go (Not heat treated Properly) sent it in to EMF for reworking.  They were pretty good about fixing the gun but it was in the shop for about 3 months.  EMF was good to work with and easy to talk to.  Prior to returning the gun, they bench tested it and sighted it in for me after the repairs were made.

 I hope to make it out to some of long range shoots this season.  I have a lot of practicing to do between now and then.

Vaya con Dios   

Driftwood Johnson:
Howdy Boys

I took some pictures, to maybe make the situation a little bit more plain.

This is a picture right out of the Dixie catalog of my rear sight:

Notice the orientation in the picture. They are showing it leaning about 45 Degress forward, with the sightcup to the rear. This is not the dirt cheap one that Dixie was selling, this one is one grade above that.

The next 2 pictures are of the sight in the straight upright shooting position:

This one is a little bit more of a closeup:

These last two are of the sight folded forward all the way down:

Please excuse any gridue that shows up in the photos, the flash highlighted it.

I really don't think I have it mounted backwards, I mounted it just as you see it straight out of the box, without reversing anything, and the Dixie photo plainly shows it leaning forward, with the longer section of the base to the front and the eyecup to the rear.

The first two photos show the tensioning spring pretty clearly. The flash tinted it a little bit reddish. It really isn't rusted. I tried messing with the tension to see if I could get the sight to lean backwards. No go. The spring is mounted by a slot, and the tensioning screw passes through the slot. The slot is to adjust the position of the spring to keep the sight perpendicular when in the detent position. If I loosen the screw at all, the spring slides around and will not stay in place, so the screw has to be snugged down and the spring at max tension to maintain any repeatability.

The last photo shows the slot detent the spring pops into pretty clearly. The geometry of the slot and the spring is what prevents the staff from leaning back past vertical at all.

The two screws the staff pivots on are pretty clear in the pictures too. One knurled slotted screw threads into the other one. It takes two screwdrivers to apply tension on them to keep the staff from flopping around. I really don't know if the screw Seth pointed out would fit, or help at all.

That's the photos, I'm pretty resigned to either living with the sight as it is, or replacing it with something better.

Any other thoughts?

Thanks for the comments so far.


Driftwood Johnson:
Joss House

There is just one slot on the rounded bottom of the staff. The second item you see below the slot is the end of the spring. I suppose I could grind down that end or the spring, bevelling or chamfering it so that the spring would pop out and allow the staff to rotate backwards like I want. Not sure if I want to try that, might ruin everything.

Thanks for the answers so far boys, even if I haven't arrived at a solution, you've been helpful.

Ol Gabe:
Good pics, very helpful. I'm going to pull my sights out later on today and try to replicate your problem, I'll post back as soon as I figure it out, but it is mounted correctly and not backwards.
Bottom line, the sight is a 'Creedmoor' style with a Soule/windage-style platform and should be movable to the rearward position. It looks the same as the ones pictured on the Davide Pedersoli website and in their catalog.
Not to fret, between all of us we'll get 'r done! Don't ya just love 'long distance maintenance'?
Best regards and good screwing, er, repairing!
'Ol Gabe


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