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Pedersolli Sharps Sight Question???

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Ol Gabe:
D. J.,
Well, just got back from the shop and after trying to recreate your 'problem' on all 3 of mine, I am now totally baffled as to how to make it do what it is doing to you without tearing the tang sight completely apart and trying to rebuild it, soooo...
I now, knowing my own limitations and with tempered logic, am bowing to a far more intelligent source and suggest that you go to: www.bpcr.net 
This BPCR Forum is frequented by many of the top Mid & Long Range folks and they really know their stuff! Dick Trenk, the US Rep for Davide Pedersoli, posts there every so often so he might see your question.
Register and then pose the same question and pics, it is a great forum and I know you'll get a lot of info. Hope this helps unlesss somebody else has stumbled onto a quick fix, if so I'm ready to learn!
Best regards and good reading!
'Ol Gabe

Ol Gabe:
Any luck yet? Please keep us posted.
Best regards and good shooting!
'Ol Gabe

Once upon a time I bought what was then the very best Pedersoli Soule type sight available.  Think it was for a 38-55 rolling block.  Try as I might I just could not put it on the gun.  Oh I could attach it but it wasn't straight up and tilted, if I remember correctly, only forward which seemed backwards to me.  Finally I took the gun and the sight to a good local gunsmith.  He got it attached better and it was sort of vertical in the up position but was a long way from perfect.  It wasn't the quality of his workmanship.  I was the sight.

Both before and after this I've stuck to MVA's.

Your pictures were really nice.  What camera did you use and how many megapixels?


Driftwood Johnson:
Howdy Boys

Haven't really made any more progress on the problem, I'm just kind of letting things sit for a while.

KLW: My camera is a real cheapie. I don't even remember what brand right now. It only cost a little over $100. Don't know how many megathingies either. But probably not very many. But it does take good pictures when I have enough light and stand still.


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