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Pedersolli Sharps Sight Question???

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Driftwood Johnson:
Howdy Boys

Just discovered this section of this board. Great! I have a very specific sight question. A little over a year ago I bought a Pedersolli Silhouette Model Sharps in 45-70 from Dixie Gunworks. This model features a 30" barrel, doubleset triggers, a shotgun style butt plate, pistol grip, and plain uncheckered wood. No fancy forearm cap.

I bought an inexpensive Pedersolli front sight with inserts, non adjustable for windage and no spirit level. I am quite happy with the rifle and the front sight I chose for it. It shoots better than I can, and my poor eyesight pretty much precludes me spending top dollar on sights anyway, I can't see well enough, even with my glasses on, to take advantage of the pinpoint accuracy that better sights might make possible. I just can't see the targets that well.

The question is about my rear tang sight. I bought a relatively inexpensive Pedersolli tang rear sight. This one is not the Soulle type, it does not have the large horizontal barrel at the bottom for extended windage. It has fine and course adjustment for windage, and has a pretty standard vernier for elevation. The sight cost $180. I mounted one of those fancy eyecups that allows you to select different diameter apertures on the sight. The machining and workmanship on this sight is nothing to write home about, but it is adequate. I do like the eyecup.

The problem is, this sight, only tilts forward. I have examined the mounting system, and the spring that controls the amount of resistance to movement, and the way the flat that engages the spring is designed, the sight will only tilt forward from the vertical position. This is fine for the sight to spring forward under recoil, and lowers the profile when casing the gun. It also makes it unnecessary to buy one of those little leather sacks to protect the comb of the stock. But it makes it impossible to clean the bore from the breech end. The sight is always in the way of a cleaning rod. I can use a bore snake from the chamber, but I always like to first wash out most of the fouling with a cleaning rod and wet patches. I have to clean from the muzzle. This isn't really a problem, I use a rod with a muzzle guard, but it would be more convenient to have the option to clean the bore from the chamber end.

Does anyone else use this specific sight? Have they noticed this problem? Is my sight a fluke?

I'm thinking of replacing the sight with one that is more convenient for cleaning from the chamber. One that will tilt both forward and back. The ranges I shoot at are generally not more than 300 yards, and my eyesight isn't good enough to see much farther anyway. Without spending an arm and a leg on more sight than I really need, can anyone make some specific recommendations on a possible replacement tang sight?


Will Ketchum:
How does the sight mount to the tang?  Many shooters dismount their sights when not shooting.  (Ala Quigley) This protects the sights and makes cleaning easier.

Will Ketchum

Driftwood Johnson:
The sight is screwed down to the tang with two screws, just like any other tang sight. Removing it to clean the gun would mean I would have to re align it, get out my level to readjust it to stop in the vertical position, and re zero and shoot a bunch of targets to sight the rifle in again every time. Thanks for the question, but not an option.

I really want to know if anyone else has a similar problem with theirs. I'm pretty sure I want to replace it.

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Will Ketchum:
No I'm not familiar with it.  But what I was suggesting was to remove it from the base.  Not remove the entire sight.  Most sights I have seen are made to remove the stem from the base.  There is no need to re-zero if you do this.

Will Ketchum

Driftwood Johnson:
Howdy Boys, thanks for the advice so far.

Thanks for the link Seth. I'm pretty sure a screwdriver would be needed to dismount it like you say, if I could do it at all. I'll take a look tonight and see. I'll also take a photo or two so you can see what I'm talking about.


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