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i am repeating this question in this forum...

what is the breaking even point in running your own lead? say that the costs of molds, dies, and melting pot have been absorbed by your budget. cost of lead is extra. dixie gun works want 33 cents a round for .54 sharps ringtail bullets (shipping included). when does it become cheaper to buy rather than cast? thanks in advance. geo.

Ed Clintwood:
Depending on what you buy (cheap vs expensive) I would think you would hit the break even point somewhere around 1000 bullets, could be more or less depending on how elaborate your casting setup is.

My main reason I cast is that I control the alloy and the quality. 


  I know that it can get a bit costly if there are 2-3 in a family shooting. We all shoot the same caliber just to make it easy. I cast 38's and 45-70's(505gr) I think for the most part after the initial cost is absorbed you do save money. Wiith some of the doorprizes we have picked up brass and bullets and that also helps to keep the cost down. I am like Joss, cast in the winter, shoot in the summer.
Works for me.


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