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How many of you build your own shirts?

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Silver Creek Slim:
Yer very welcome, Trinity.  :D


Drayton Calhoun:
You might want to try Buckaroo Bobbins too. They have excellent patterns for both shirts and riding britches. The instructions are pretty good. They also have a pattern for a duster/range coat. The duster is caped so you should be able to make a Josey Wales coat also. They have several other patterns too.


Our local reenactors store is called Sacramento Dry Goods and is run by Dale and Joanne (pronounced Jo-Anne).

Both have had to retire from SASS due various reasons, but Joanne often gives classes for our reenactors pon perioud clothing, and she IS Laughing Moon Patterns ...


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First, I didn't make these .... I bought the pattern off the internet and paid $30/shirt to have them made ... it is a traditional square shirt and I am told it is fairly easy to make (this coming from an expert seamstress, so should be taken with a grain of salt ) ...

Willie Dixon:
hey all,

it's nice to see some friendly familiar faces here.  I hope this isn't considered poor taste in necro-posting, however, I've found some excellent resources for anyone looking at proper period correct garb including extant primary sources:

"Key Line System of Garment Cutting"

1850's patterns for trousers:

"The Tailor and Cutter and London Art Journal: An Index of Cutting, Fashion and Trade"

and then arguably the best, although mainly a secondary/tertiary source but compiling plenty of primary sources within:

"Men's Garments from 1830 -1900" by R.I. Davis

I have his book on "Men's 17th & 18th Century Costume, Cut & Fashion"

and has proven indispensable for all the other historical reenactment I do from late Elizabethan through the Napoleonic/Nelson's Navy eras.  It's also a wonderful read, easy to go through, pick out your favorite articles of clothing, and in rather plain English, it explains how to make it yourself.  I'm sure the Victorian Era one on the 18th century is much the same.

I haven't started making my CAS garb yet, right now I'm cheating with a button down nice shirt, a Chaps frock coat, and denim jeans and Ariats... because in SASS that's okay lol ;D

but as I dig deeper, these have been already very helpful in attaining the proper tailoring fit and finish for a well tailored garment.


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