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Which brass do you prefer?

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Ol Gabe:
When reloading for Big Bore Rifles, do you prefer Winchester brass or another variety over Starline and why? Give us some idea of what you think is better and your reasons, I'm sure we'll get some interesting replies.
For example: I've always shot Starline in my Pedersoli 45-70, it was said at the time I started shooting it that Starline was 'The' brass to use, now I hear from other fellas that (unlike me, they hit the target every time!) say Winchester is better and I'll need to anneal all my Starline brass to make it expand more if I'm ever gonna hit anything with it.
OK, what do you think is better and why?
Best regards and good thinking!
'Ol Gabe

Silver Creek Slim:
When I got my first .45-70 rifle I bought R-P brass from Midway because it was the least expensive. It works just fine for me. I was given some used Win brass. That works fine for me too. So, I don't know what to tell ya.  ???


Steel Horse Bailey:
I had a long talk with a tech at Sierra as well as the friendly BP shooter/tech at Hodgdon, and both said that in the industry, Winchester is considered to have the softest brass and Starline is the toughest; very much like Military brass.

That said, I seem to like the Win brass the best, 'specially for BP, but I really am too new at long range shooting and loading to have a really meaningful opinion.

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Four-Eyed Buck:
At the moment my brass is mixed between Rem. and Winchester. The larger part being Winchester. At this time, they both seem to work equally well. I haven't done enough to make a definative choice though. Hoping to work with this in mind this summer......Buck 8) ::) ;)

Many prefer Winchester or Remington. It is correctly tempered when you get it and is lighter than Starline, so it has greater powder capacity. Won't last as long as Starline, but at black powder pressures it lasts a long time. Both Reminton and Winchester need to be sorted into lots by weight for maximum accuracy.

Starline is harder than the hubs of h@!! as it comes from the factory and must be annealed for best results. It's thicker, so you sacrifice some powder capacity. Don't bother weighing and sorting because it all weighs so close you don't need to. It's thick and excellent quality and if properly annealed and cared for will probably last you through the next 2 ice ages. I just wish they'd anneal it for use before delivery.

I use Starline, but if sorted into weighed lots and properly cared for, either Winchester or Remington will win any match in the country and last plenty long.


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