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Capt, Woodrow F. Call:

I been thinking about bye a Sharps high wall 8), for long range shooting, but i'm not shure what kind of calibre who is the best to use ???,  is there someone out here who can point me in the rigth directions when it comes to calibres. :)
( black powder loads only)


As for an all-around caliber, it's hard to beat the venerable old 45-70. It will work from 0 to 1200+ yards with the correct components(powder, bullet etc.) If you specialize in some type of shooting, say silhouette, or long range(800-1000yds.) there are other calibers you may want to consider. If this is your first black powder rifle, the 45-70 would be my first choice for you.  Hope this is of some help.


Steel Horse Bailey:
Listen to GW, he KNOWS of what he speaks.

As a side note: I think the "High Wall" you mention refers only to the 1885 Winchester single shot, not the Sharps.

As for caliber, I agree totally with GW.  Go with 45-70 (aka: 45-70 Govt., 45-70-405, and a few other names.  Sharps calls them 45-70-2 1/2" or something like that: it has to do with the length of the case.)

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technical question: what is the break even point on running your own lead? say that the molds, dies, melting pot costs are already absorbed by your budget. cost of lead is extra. dixie gun works wants 33 cents a bullet for a .54 sharps ringtail (shipping included). when does it become cheaper to do your own bullets or buy? thanks in advance. geo.

Ed Clintwood:
I do believe the .45-70 is a .45 x 2.1" and the fact that an awful lot of folks have said .45-70 makes me think that there might be something to it.  Pity, I like the idea of a .50-90 (but might not when it comes to shooting it a bunch).


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