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Holster for a S&W New Frontier .44-40 double action revolver?

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Dave Fox:
Anyone out there make such a holster?

Marshal Will Wingam:
They were made from 1885 to 1908 so any late 19th century/early 20th century holster design should do fine.

My choice would be something like this, made for the appropriate barrel length, of course.

Dave Fox:
Alas, I've tried the New Frontier in several of my holsters that happily take a Colt Model P. The S&W with its high top strap and huge trigger guard just doesn't fit. Tried to post a photograph of a period holster that handles the enlarged trigger guard of a Bisley but, like my other holsters, won't accept the S&W New Frontier.


Major 2:
I got one from David Carrico, several years ago.

You might try Rick Bachman of Old West Reproductions, as well.


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