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Milsurp holsters

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Major 2:
I like to have a holster to display with the Milsurp pistols.
I have several GI bring backs, some had the holster it was in
This Beretta M1935 had this holster and the capture paper.
And this Luger, has also had this holster since 1944.

Today, I bid and won this Swedish WW2 Husqvarna 1907 - FN 1903 pistols..
I've seen them offered at $140-$160  :o  WAYYYY beyond my pay grade and comfort zone...

But on rare occasions, a bargain is found on eBay...seller had not known what it was for ...

Its on the way for $15.00  ;D

Marshal Will Wingam:
Nice grab, Major. Congratulations.

Rube Burrows:
Nice grab. Congrats.

Major 2:
The little new to me Savage 1907 fits quite well....

A goodly number of these pistols were sold to France (along with the Spanish Ruby) in WW1.
The Belgians and Portuguese also used them, not to mention US Domestic sales.
More than a few found their way South of the boarder too.

Marshal Will Wingam:
Nice, Major. That's quite a holster in the first photo. The toe has an extra layer as a cap on it.



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