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WTB Spencer carbine

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I know these are a bit of a "hen's tooth" gun these days, but figured if I had luck anywhere, it would be here.

Looking for a Chiappa/Cimarron carbine in either .45 or .44-40...

If you have a broken/junked one you would let go for cheaper, even better.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Cody Bill:
Dixie Gun Works shows the 44/40 in stock. I think there’s also a few on GB. Been looking at them myself

Oregon Bill:
I had one in .56-50. Starline makes the brass. They are wonderful shooters.

Pay Dirt Norvelle:
I found mine when I was in a gun shop buying some supplies and wasn't looking for anything else.  I happened to look off at the side and it was with several rifles that were on consignment.  I was fortunate to get a nice Chiappa in 44-40.

Hard to find...still lookin'...



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