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Rossi or Winchester


I just found out that Winchester has a model 92, made in Japan. The cost is a little more than the Rossi. If anyone has shot both, which do you prefer?
And, I was thinking of 44 mag but 44/40 is the traditional round.  I know the 44/40 was originally a balloon head case that could not be loaded hot but now a days it looks the same as all other cases and it seems it could be loaded to higher velocities.  The idea being- to have the historical cartridge but also have a load a bit more powerful in case I want to shoot a deer, etc.

Buckaroo Lou:
I have three of the 1892 Miroku made Winchesters and really like them. I just looked at a new Rossi 92 carbine in 44 mag this morning at my LGS and I did not care for how the lever sits 1/2" from the lower tang. I don't think they have always been like this. Are they all like that now?


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