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SOLD 1873/1851 Navy/1861Navy Gripmaker faux Stag ivory grip kit

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For Sale is 1 grip kit. $50.00 shipped.
The design is the M &M Stag. Please see pictures and go to the web site for examples of what these can look like when finished.
Grips made by the Gripmaker are made from extremely durable urethane and ages (yellows) like ivory. They are made over-sized so that with a little fitting the grips will fit properly.
The more generic 1873 S.A. style will require a bit more fitting as it was designed to fit a wider range of import and authentic peacemaker style revolvers.
This kit is for making the 1-piece design grips.
Included is a detailed instruction sheet on fitting your grips as well as ideas on enhancing the design by ageing (dying) or creating the illusion of cracks.
A practice grip panel is included for practicing fitting before starting your good grips.

Grip kit still available?

Yup still got it. I sent you a PM.

I'll take them. Send me the details.


Sent a PM.



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