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Some thoughts on a new sport

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When is the one in Houston MO?  I need to try to make that one.

You might also enjoy the Single Shot class at GAF events.

Dave T:
I always thought a gong match at 100 and 200 yards with barrel mounted sights like when you bought it from the outfitter, which would be more in line with actual buffalo hunting distances.  And if you wanted it to be more like actually taking a stand shoot over cross sticks, still using barrel sights.

I'd drag my busted up self out to try something like that.  (smile)



Ranch 13:
 Drydock I think they shoot that one at Houston late in the summer. They have a facebook page with their schedules.
  One of the things I like about the gong matches is shooting them with the ladder sights, but you really need to be able to use kentucky windage , and know how to run a ladder sight. The buffalo runners used an average of 3 shots per kill according to some that studied up on it a bit. I know there are accounts in letters to the Sharps Co. of shooting thru and killing two Buffalos with a single shot at 600 yards. Seldom did a herd get bunched up within a couple hundred yards and stay put after the first shot.

Dave T:
Not trying to start an argument Ranch but I've read that a lot of the shooting was done closer to 200 yards or so.  If you could drop the animals quickly with out a lot of milling around the group wouldn't scatter but just mill around.  Making those kinds of shots is a lot more likely at 200 than 600 yards.  They didn't have range finders back then and a miss calculation of just a few yards could spell the difference between a hit or a complete miss.



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