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AR500 Buffalo target

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We had the same problem with our IDPA steel targets.  We use hardened carriage bolts now.  Works much better.

Laugh at Amazon moment:  Last week, ordered 1 (one) Highwild target stand off Amazon, $42, free shipping.  Came home today to find 1 (one) large box on my porch, containing 5 (five) target stands.  Checking the invoice, nope, only charged for one. 

Life is good.

1/4"X48" Buffalo at 500 yards. No problem tipping it over. No dimples or pits, but then we were using lead 50-70's and a 45-70


BTW, does anybody have any idea of how close you can use, say, .30-06 on 1/4" AR 500 with no damage to the target?

Montana Slim:
I have a few 5/16" armor steel targets. I have shot them with 5.56x45 copper & steel jacket lead as well as fmj 30 Carbine. Dimples the target face badly at 100 yd. I prefer using them at 200+ yd - that adds at least a little challenge to the shooting part (11"x12" target). My 8x57 cast is good at any distance. If I tried full power '06, I'd certainly test it at longer range & hope for the best. Would be some risk to that test.



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