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Tuolumne Lawman:
Working part time at the local gunshop, still.  Picked up an unfired, NIB with all papers Winchester Legendary Lawman 1894.  16" trapper barrel, gorgeous wood, and pewter plated, engraved receiver and stock medallion.  Not a 94 guy (prefer Marlins), but being a retired Lawman, this caught my fancy.

The shipping sleeve has seen better days, but everything including hang tags is there.  Even though it is unfired, I am going to shoot it though, as I am 70, and want to enjoy it.  Besides, at the price I got it for, I could sell it fired and get my money back!

Its in 10 day Commiefornia jail, but I'll get it in time to use it at End of Track annual match in the long range lever rifle, speed lever rifle, and rifleman side matches!  Here's a picture of one from the web of one...  The wood on mine is prettier.


   What's that '94 chambered for? .30WCF?


Tuolumne Lawman:
Yep, 30 WCF.  Years ago, I had a Legendary Frontiersman, which was just as pretty, but in .38-55.  It was a mediocre shooter.  I think they just re-purposed .375 Winchester barrels, which IIRC  had a twist for faster, jacked bullets.

I realize that shooting an unfired commemorative makes collectors twitch and scream "Blasphemy!"  As I said, I am 70 and want to enjoy my guns, not look at it in the safe.

 :)  TL  ;)

I really enjoy making "Collectors" wince and spasm.  Fun to watch.  Yessiree Bob, go fourth and enjoy your rifle.

PS;  I ever mention I HATE OTTO!!!

I suppose there are collectors of these "collector's" specials, but over many years I've never seen a large increase in value (taking into account inflation). I'd say go ahead and shoot it.



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