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16" Rossi 92 question


Ran across a new 16" Rossi .357 carbine at a LGS yesterday. Very smooth, but my question is, will it hold 10 rounds of .38 Special in the magazine tube. The site lists an 8 round capacity with .357 but no info or .38s.

I'm going to say, for the most part "no."  By trimming mag spring to bare minimum and loading .38's short, "maybe" but in general '92's don't like cycling short rounds. 

I think over the years I've read of a few who have had success doing this, but more who have not.  16" '66 and '73 are a different animal because the last round loaded is on the carrier, not in the mag tube.

Now it is a moot point as I found a 20" Rossi and swapped for it this weekend. Looking forward to my g'nephews face when he gets to shoot it!


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