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Movies that You Would LIKE to See Remade

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Coal Creek Griff:
Most of the time, I'm not fond of remade movies. Most of the time they are a poor imitation. There are a couple of movies, though, that I think could be done better. Here are two. Which ones would you add?

1. Valdez is Coming. I like the Burt Lancaster version, but not only is it dated, I'd really like to see a good Latino actor in the title role. Burt's blue eyes and poor accent are just a distraction. There are scenes in the book that could be added in as well, when Valdez uses some guerilla fighting techniques that he learned from the Apaches.

2. Along Came Jones. It's a lesser-known Gary Cooper comedy-wrstern that was produced with a low budget. Again, a remake could add more from the hilarious Alan Lemay novel, which would enhance it. Coop was just a little too old for the role, too.

What other movies should go on the list?


Virgil Lantey:
I typed a long response to your question but it became so politically incorrect and "unwoke" that I deleted it entirely so as not to be thrown in a federal prison! ;D
Not a fan of remakes in general. Not a fan of modern day Hollywood.  8)

Coal Creek Griff:
I  totally understand your position, but I also enjoy movies. Since no one in Hollywood is listening anyway, it's just a thought exercise and for fun. I enjoy speculating, so we'll imagine that any remakes are being done well. We're just daydreaming, but it's our daydream, so we can dream the way we want. I'm with you about modern Hollywood, though.



Dave T:

I agree about "Valdez is Coming". I'd also like it if the main character didn't wear a buscadero (sp?) rig with his pistol hanging down to his knee. LOL

I'd also like to see "Rio Bravo" done without the 1950s Hollywood style. The story told with more authentic clothing, guns, holsters, and saddles would be a big improvement. Always liked the story but the style of it bothered me.


River City John:
I would really like to see "Shane" remade.


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