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Win 1876:
Hey everyone,

I found this old carbine at the local gun store today. It is a Starr carbine 1858 according to the receiver. There are a couple issues though. From my research the Starr carbine 1858 was a percussion breach loader loaded with paper cartridges. This carbine has a rimfire conversion. From my research the 1858 has a brass barrel band but this example has iron furniture. Could anyone let me know any information you have on this carbine?

-Win 1876

Sorry, I have no info, but c'mon, don't tease us with action pics, we want to see the whole carbine!  :)

Win 1876:
Sadly I only got pictures of the identifying markings for this old carbine. Might be awhile till I head back to the store but when I do I’ll get some better pictures.  :)


Something like five thousand Starr carbines were factory built in rimfire and shot Spencer ammunition.

Most likely .56-56 Spencer, as the .56-50 wasn't developed until after the war.  Neat old piece!


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