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Is Kirst still in business?

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I went to the Kirst Konverter online site, and could not log in.
Thought I was using the wrong password, but it told me no such account exists.

So I figured I'd just make up a new account- and theres no tab for making an account.

Is it just a weird glitch? Or has Kirst gone out of business?
Anyone know?



Professor Marvel:
This link is working for me

you may have experienced an "outage" ... there have been a lot of "outages" lately, and I am blaming
Russia and China    ;D

because, well, why not?

prf mumbles



PLUS ONE for the esteamed, exsteamed, infamous, Perfesser "M" for Marvel!!

As noted, Kirst Konverter is alive and well indeede.  I would also be want to knote, the current prime mover of Kirst products is VTI Gunparts, of Vermont.

Still in business and coming up with new tricks. Newly released a .45ACP conversion for the 1860.

I just ordered another gated conversion cylinder today and already got the shipping notice.


 :)  OOPSIES  :o

It seems my previous report was incorrect and perhaps misleading.  VTI Gunparts is NOT the prime mover of Kirst Konverter.  They are completely separate entities.

VTI Gunparts has moved to New York under new management, and VTI's previous CEO, COO, Gal in charge, Lisa, is now heading up Sales and Distribution for Kirst Konverter.  Stay Tuna!!

I currently have TWO swell newly minted 45ACP 1860 Cylinders on the way to my Hacienda.

People are Still Contagious.  Avoid 'em



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